Driving Innovation Capabilities through Culture, Design and Partnerships

There is no doubt, that the world is becoming a more competitive place. The arrival of the ‘digital age’ has lead to accelerated innovation, as new technologies have drastically changed how the economy and businesses within it operate on a daily basis.

Such rapid change creates a favorable environment for emerging businesses to flourish, but less so for the corporate, with their long-established traditions and protocols. The creative spirit and simplistic organizational structure often seen in Startups, contrasts starkly with working cultures in larger businesses which tend to stifle rather than facilitate innovation.

Corporate Innovation 2017 will explore how organizations can look beyond their walls, design new approaches, and implement strategies around one of the most critical functions inside of our organizations, innovation.

The Summit has been developed to showcase cutting edge case studies on the topics of:


Selecting and launching a corporate innovation model, think Innovation Labs, Accelerators, Hackathons etc.


Preparing a business case for buyin and showcasing how investment into innovation labs can translate into sustainable financial gain


Partnering with external stakeholder’s to drive collaborative innovation


Preparing for the workforce of the future and attracting and retaining talent for innovation teams

Featured Speakers

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14 Case Studies Including:

Interactive Sessions

Nasdaq’s 3 tiered innovation program to draw upon employees and positively embrace partnerships

Real Situation Analysis

Kmart’s low cost approach to innovation and use of ad hoc instore labs to leverage cross collaboration from key stakeholders

ISO Technical Committee

Optus’ building of a business case and obtaining stakeholder buyin for their Customer Experience labs

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s use of crowdsourcing from frontline business to drive customer centric innovation

Networking Opportunities

University of South Australia’s alliance with SA government to unlock the value that universities can offer companies

5 Reasons to Attend

Interactive Sessions

The only dedicated conference in Australia focusing on Corporate Innovation initiatives

Real Situation Analysis

Learn from 18 expert speakers from Australia’s leading organisations from retail, tech, FMCG, financial and education industries

ISO Technical Committee

Develop new tools to measure culture and identify key risk indicators

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Interactive panel discussions, speed networking, hot seats, champagne roundtables, cocktail reception and more

Networking Opportunities

Over 12 hours networking with Heads of Innovation, Labs, Partnerships, Ventures, Transformation, Strategy and more

Who Will You Meet

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