23 - 24 October, 2017 | Sydney, Australia

Leslie Barry

Head of Innovation

9:50 AM INNOVATION LABS: Creating a Start Up Mentality Within Sportsbet Through the Creation of Labs

Sportsbet is Australia’s largest online bookkeeper with $117m in operating profit. In Leslies brief time at Sportsbet he has had a profound impact on the way the company approaches innovation – culminating recently with the ideation, design, development and release of a product in just 12 weeks. As a result, since 2015 Sportsbet’s revenue has grown 54%.

In this session Leslie will explore:
  • Understanding why your company has to innovate and embedding a startup mentality within and enterprise
  • How to avoid innovation theatre
  • Tips and tricks based on Leslie’s extensive experience within Sportsbet, Thoughtworks, as founder of several startups and mentor at Slingshot startup accelerator

3:20 PM Panel Discussion: Innovation Theatre – Who Is Doing Real Innovation and Who Are All Song and Dance?

It’s harder than ever to stay on top - in 10 years 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer exist. This threat for established organizations by startups and disruptors is paving way to a ‘innovate or die’ mentality. As a response, some of the most renowned companies are looking into innovation labs and internal programs to drive ideation however the sad fact is that 90% of innovation labs are failing.

This panel will look into exploring the following questions:
  • Are companies engaging in radical innovation or just tweaking existing products incrementally?
  • What is the timeline to ROI and the amount of risk companies are willing to assume?
  • Is it establishing buzzwordy innovation programs accelerator programs enough?
  • For established companies who have a reputation for being not too innovative –will the startups who are attracted to your accelerator be any less than 2nd or 3rd tier?
  • How do we compare to the best practices in international innovation ecosystems? How do we compete?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Leslie.

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